The movie portrays stories of three women – Soňa, Klára, Dáša, each in a different life situation, each in a different state of mind, but all appear in the same Christmas time. Each of them avoids the traditional Christmas mood by her own way and is immersed into her own world in which she must struggle with her own demon. The main characters are missing something that the Christmas could bring hand in hand with abundance – love. They are nagged with self-deceit and indecisiveness. This throws them into new situations in which they would never wished to be, but they can outline the way how to spend the Christmas holidays.

This full length independent debut movie reflects Slovakia and especially it’s “protagonists” in real, undistorted picture. The digital movie camera was used for filming and ensured intended concept of the picture and not to idealize, but describe living as real as possible.


LENGHT: 105 minutes

FORMAT: 35mm, 1: 1,85

LANGUAGE: Slovak with english subtitles

CINEMA RELEASE: November 2007


MUSIC: Jana Kmiťová

PRODUCER: D.N.A. PRODUCTION Róbert Šveda, Peter Bebjak, Rasťo Šesták

CO-PRODUCERS: VŠMU Acadamy of Performing Arts, Studio 727, Martin Merc sound studio, continental film

PARTNERS: Avion, Studio Virtual, Barrandov studio

DISTRIBUTOR: Continental Film

AWARDS: Igric for TV dramatic production –Award for the best script and for the best direction, 16th Třinec Film Indian Summer – Award for the best film

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